“Among the most comprehensive apps for teaching civics is Congress+ by the Cohen Research Group. This amazing app offers all of the vital information you need to be an effective activist with legislators of the United States Congress.”

Washingtonian Magazine

“If you work on the Hill and need to meet with the Representative for the third Congressional District of Virginia but don’t know who that is, the Congress app (99 cents, or $9.99 for the Congress+ version) will supply you with a photo and every other senator and representative’s office information, Twitter links, and bios.”


“If you are an activist or just an interested citizen, Congress+ is indispensable … When I sent an e-mail through the Congress In Your Pocket Web site with a few questions about the app, Cohen got back to me within half an hour. He says his rule is to respond to every e-mail. Now that’s constituent service.”


“Congress an iPhone Fav: Congress is anything but hip, but an iPhone application highlighting the institution is doing quite well.”

National Journal

“Want to find a congressional office phone number or a Hill aide’s e-mail address? Review a bill or peek at a member’s Twitter feed? There’s an app for that. Several, actually. One of the most popular appears to be “Congress in Your Pocket” … “It’s quick, easy, and essential,” says Morgan Reed, a lobbyist for the high-tech sector. He says he loves the app for what it’s not: another spiral-bound facebook to be lost, stolen, or obsoleted every time a member or staff person leaves.”

Oh, My, Gov

“11 iPhone apps to make your government job easier (Congress+ listed as #1) – An all-encompassing Congressional directory, everything you need to know about the 111th Congress … All the pertinent information for every Congressional office, plus some stuff you didn’t even realize you needed. An invaluable tool for everyone from Hill staffers to local activists to SESers heading to the Hill to be grilled by grandstanding representatives.”

From the right … RedState

“I’m going to do something unusual. I’m going to recommend a product for your iPhone or Blackberry. I’ve been using Congress In Your Pocket for a few months now. I bought it myself on a whim and it has been indispensable to me ever since. The app contains every member of Congress, their staff, key phone numbers, committee assignments, etc. It’s great for on the fly contact information for both members and staffers.”

From the left … Democratic Underground

“This application (Congress) is great! It’s only 99 cents from the iTunes App Store. Want to call your Representative? Senator? Everything you need is easy to access … I found this cool application today and wanted to share it!”

Mashable, the Social Media Guide

“Top 5 Best Apps for Political Junkies: The Cohen Research Group has put together two very detailed iPhone apps, Congress (which sells for $0.99) and Congress+ (which sells for $4.99). For the casual political pundit, Congress is enough, but if politics if your line of work, Congress+ is a must-have.”

Daily App Show

“If you are a professional, this is what you need to keep you updated seamlessly … … very, very, very, very, very detailed and give you a ton of information … other services charge hundreds for quarterly printed updates … CongressPro is a great buy.”


“Congress+ really does offer an amazing selection of information at your fingertips … Congress+ will offer almost all the information you need to keep up with the latest info and provides a great reference right in your pocket.”


Editor’s Pick: “Congress+ is a great reference app for the politically minded user or for anyone working in US politics like party officials, activists, political professionals or lobbyists. Congress+ is a serious and truly informative reference app.”


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