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The 113th Congress In-App-Purchase is Live (99¢)

February 5, 2013


We are pleased (relieved) to announce that the 113th Congress is now available to be unlocked in Congress, Congress+, and CongressPro.

The in-app-purchase gives you the benefit of our 541 phone calls to every elected office on Capitol Hill as well as the long hours of programming and additional research that supported it.

The cost?  99¢.  That’s a lot less than what others are charging for printed books that never get updated and are likely already out-of-date.

If you do not see the update in the App Store or if your current app is acting up, delete it, re-download it, and you should see the in-app-purchase offered after the splash screen.  If you have any questions, please email us at 113update [at]

Over the next several months, we will continue to update the apps with new functionality and content.  We will continue to update Congress+ and CongressPro apps with staff, committee, and subcommittee assignments as they become available.

First on the docket from a design perspective, will be a redesigned iPad app for Congress+ and CongressPro users, which will take better advantage of the increased space over iPhones.  Continue to look here for screenshots of the upcoming version.

We hope you enjoy the new information and we look forward to providing for you new content and features over the next two years for paid upgraders.


Congress in Your Pocket for iPad

April 1, 2011

The wait is almost over. No April Fool. Seriously.

We have spent several months getting our iPhone application to work with the iPad. There were dozens of technical challenges as well as the 112th Congress update to deal with over the past few months. But the good news is this: we submitted the iPad version to Apple for review today. Kudos to our development team led by Sean Cook, who has done an outstanding job.

Congress+ and CongressPro, when approved, will be “universal apps.” This means that if you already paid for either one, you’ll be getting the iPad version for free. We will not be releasing an iPad version for Congress, our 99¢ version. If you already unlocked the 112th Congress on your iDevice, please remember to answer “No” to the first question when you see the update. This way you won’t have to pay the update fee again.

Congress+ and CongressPro look pretty amazing on an iPad. All of the links that look a little small or squished on an iPhone look just great on the iPad. The iPad 2 is particularly fast in loading up these links. Both the iPad and iPad 2 are very fast in processing searches and do a neat job of showing large photos if you tap on the smaller thumbnail.

Going forward, we are already redesigning the iPad version to take better advantage of the screen. We are going to provide the list on the left side of the page in landscape with a large pane on the right for content as well as links. It will be really, really great. We wanted to get this first version to you (you’ve been patient) and to make sure we didn’t miss anything along the way.

Thank again for purchasing Congress in Your Pocket. We look forward to hearing from you once it’s released. Look for screenshots in this space soon.