(Bleep!) Where Are the Newbies?


Meet the Newbies?

Yesterday afternoon was NOT a great day.

The new versions of Congress, Congress+, and CongressPro went live yesterday but something very bad broke down along the way.  Many of you have emailed, called, or tweeted asking us in (sometimes) unkind (but understandable) terms …

“What the [bleep]?”

Here’s what the bleep happened

  • Apple approved the apps, which was awesome.
  • Apple didn’t approve the in-app purchase, which caused the weirdness in your ability to unlock the 113th Congress or, in some cases, crash the app.

Here’s what we did until 1AM yesterday

  • Screamed (like you), “What the (bleeeeeeeep)!”
  • Counted to ten and took deep breaths.  Pictured a nice sandy beach …
  • … and calmly thought it through and realized it was a problem with the in-app purchase
  • Pulled the applications from the App Store so no one else would be affected.
  • Put together a temporary fix last night until 1:00AM (more on that in a sec).
  • Emailed and responded to hundreds of people with the fix.
  • Updated the FAQ.

Then, after a few hours of sleep we

  • Talked with Apple directly and agreed to expedite the review process for the in-app purchase.  They were very nice, by the way, and are working right now to make this happen.
  • Responded to all social media questions.
  • Posted here.

The most immediate thing is that we were able to set up a free temporary web app so you can access the data from the 113th Congress right now.

Rather than post the solution online so folks can get this for free, please email us at update113 [at] congressinyourpocket.com and we’ll walk you through it.

We usually charge $99/year for access to this information on all platforms (it runs in any browser).  But this is a special case so we wanted to help immediately.

On behalf of our team, I’m sorry, horrified, and despondent over this but as soon as it’s approved, all three Congress apps will return to the App Store.  Again, we believe working with Apple directly will help and, hopefully, very soon.

Please send us that email, along with any other questions you have, so we can get you the temporary credentials for the web app.

We’re on this and will be there for the many of you who need this information NOW to do your jobs effectively.





2 Responses to “(Bleep!) Where Are the Newbies?”

  1. * Marty LaVor Says:

    I have the 2013 update. Some of the freshman bios are very short. Will there be another update this year?

    • Michael Cohen Says:

      Hi Marty, thanks for your post. In a word, yes. We will be pushing out several updates this year with additional functionality as well as longer bios for freshmen. The next push will include updates for committee and subcommittee assignments. We might sneak in a few new bios as well. – MC

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