The 113th Congress


This afternoon, was a great day.

We sent the updates Congress, Congress+, and CongressPro to Apple today for review.  Generally, it takes them about a week to approve.

Once they’re in the App Store, the update provides multiple ways within the app to “unlock” the 113th Congress for only … 99¢.  That’s less than 1/14th of what you’d pay for a paper directory that’s already out-of-date.

This is what you get…

  • The work of a dedicated and talented team who made 541 phone calls.
  • Hundreds of hours of tedious and exhaustive research.
  • The very best available photos of the new members and cropped them so they’d fit your device
  • Expert programming, and testing of the application so it would work correctly.

And …

You’ll get over the air updates (Pro) or in-the-store updates (standard and Plus) about new committee and subcommittee assignments (Plus, Congress hasn’t listed many of them so far), as well as news staff members as they are hired by members (Plus).

Please stay positive, stay engaged, and be, in the most basic and highest sense of the word, American.



3 Responses to “The 113th Congress”

  1. outsideman Says:

    The update is missing a crucial feature… the “unlock 113th Congress” option. It’s nowhere to be found within the app, at least in the “plus” version.

    The App Store says it’s under the “more” tab… But it’s not.

  2. Michael Cohen Says:

    If you are having trouble with the update, please send an email to us at update113 [at] and we’ll send over a temporary solution. After working all day and much of the night yesterday, we’ve discovered the problem is that the latest version was released but the in-app purchase had not been approved by Apple. The temporary solution is a private web app we’ve developed that has current information. As you might imagine, we don’t want to broadcast the login information to non-users.

  3. Michael Cohen Says:

    Update: in a phone call with Apple and via web form, we’ve requested an expedited review of the in-app purchases so hopefully things will get approved soon. They were great on the phone and are really trying to help.

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