Ending Our Relationship with LegiStorm

LegiStorm Pro costs $595 per year

Access to LegiStorm Pro is $595 per year. Mobile is not offered.

The next update of Congress+ and CongressPro will remove all LegiStorm links. Recently, LegiStorm has gone from a free to a paid model. We support this. In reality, we either pay for products and services or we become the product via advertising. However, we could not come to an agreement where LegiStorm believed mobile users like you were worth continuing to serve.

LegiStorm, ably led by Jock Friedly, has been a long-time partner of Congress in Your Pocket. We’ve sent them web traffic and they have provided a small subset of their information to our users free of additional charges. When we launched the partnership, LegiStorm even promoted our app on their website in conjunction with their information. We felt it was a win for them and a win for you.

After providing him with the application, free of charge, Jock decided to end the relationship between our two companies. His primary reason was price. In my conversation with Jock, the current membership process is that web users are allowed a limited number of page views before they will be asked to sign up for a “free” account. After a few more free page views (you can use them up rather quickly), you are then prompted to sign up for a Pro account, which costs $595 annually for one user.

We believe that is an extraordinary price to pay for most people. Our core belief is that you should not have to pay that kind of money to learn about your member of Congress or contact their staff. We also believe we are serving two different markets. They do not have a mobile component, which we offered to develop with them at our cost to continue to serve our users. We are all in on mobile.

Finally, we offered to them the opportunity to mimic their free-to-paid model within our app. We would allow users to see the same number of page views before being prompted to register, and then the additional pages until being prompted to pay. We offered them this without pay for the referral in addition to the cost of our development.

Jock declined.

I hope this post helps you better understand all that we offered LegiStorm to continue to carry their service within our applications. I feel comfortable that we did all we could but sometimes it isn’t enough. We wish Jock and LegiStorm well. For those of you with the company budget and/or personal means to sign up for their service, please consider it. I am confident that our applications will ably continue to serve the wider market.

We appreciate that opportunity every single day.


3 Responses to “Ending Our Relationship with LegiStorm”

  1. Daniel G. Says:

    This really sucks. Legistorm was such a friend of the public, a watchdog and a way for the average citizen to access information about those who serve us. I am truly disappointed in them for going to a paid model, especially one which is clearly not geared for average citizens, but rather corporate entities, poltical consultants, and the wealthy. I don’t think I could be more disappointed in Legistorm.

  2. Pissed off Hill IT person Says:

    Although this is a year+ later, I’m appalled at any of you people, supporting any of this crap.
    I don’t care that my salary is public, it should be, BUT I don’t work for a member, I dont work for a committee, I don’t have public policy influence–I sit behind an F-ing computer and make sure the network is up—period.
    I work 8 hours a day, yet, my PRIVATE information is available, FOR WHAT??? I HATE YOU ALL!

    • Michael Cohen Says:

      Thank you for your post, “Pissed off Hill IT person.” We think you make a valid point: at what level SHOULD someone’s salary be available to the public and how much of it? As we said in the piece, we ended our relationship with LegiStorm a while ago and we have not since replaced that service with another one. Frankly, and this might make you feel slightly better, very few folks used the information. On the other hand, if you work for the government the people who fund it have a right to know how it’s being spent as you alluded to this early in your comment. Honestly, it’s our impression that you could get a better job off the Hill, which would be more private. We wish you all the best and hope you continue to use our applications.

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