Congress Apps Updated for iOS 6 and iPhone 5


Today, Apple approved important updates for Congress, Congress+, and CongressPro for iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5.  With the 8.2 versions you can now ask Siri to “Open Congress” and the app will open … if you aren’t also running our other two Congress apps or the very good complementary app from the Sunlight Foundation.  Pro tip: You can tap the one you want to open and Siri completes the request.


If you were lucky enough to snag an iPhone 5, you’re enjoying the 16:9 screen.  For us, we’ve been loving how light it is as well as the extra real estate for our data-intensive apps.  Here is what the main Congress list now looks like.


It’s even better (your personal politics aside) in the information view:


But we seem to have landed ourselves a bug.  For example, if you tap on Paul Ryan’s headshot thumbnail, you get a full-screen photo but it’s … well … a little squishy.


Apologies to Rep. Ryan (and everyone else in Congress).  We know you’re a fan of the P90X workout but we seem to have stretched and squished you a bit.  We’ll get it fixed in the next update we’ll submit this week.

We hope you enjoy the 8.2 update.  Please let us know if you find anything else we missed.


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