US News Hails Congress+ as a Top 10 Campaign App (and We Almost Miss It)


Congress in Your Pocket in US News Top 10

Spoiler alert … Congress+ is on the list.  Here’s what they said:

This app contains extensive information about representatives in Congress, including each member’s contact info, legislative activity, mini-biography, and prospects for re-election.

We appreciate the honor Seth Cline of US News & World Report bestowed upon us in early August.  This brings up the obvious question: why didn’t we see this in early August?  We have a Google news alert set.  We monitor sales every day looking for reasons for spikes and there wasn’t one after the article posted on August 9.  In fact, we wouldn’t know about the good news unless a user, John Powers, found it yesterday.

As good as we all think we are at this, there are always ways to improve.  This is one of the reasons why John is the lead blogger for our rebooted blog, The Political Download.  Sometimes we get so involved in what we are doing that we forget to give you reasons to visit our website and learn more about us.  We’re working on some great things for the fall (in the USA) but without something interesting here, you’ll (perhaps) only see it in an App Store update.

So, thank you, US News & World Report.  Belatedly.  Your listing not only reinforces the value of what we’re attempting to do but also reminds us that keeping on top of what’s going on outside our offices is just as important.


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