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CIYP/Top 10

July 14, 2011

In the latest update, we added Google Analytics to see which pages and features our more than 40,000 subscribers are viewing.  It’s clear that people are paying attention to the political process and not just looking up their own members.  First, just looking at the folks who use Congress (our 99¢ app), here are the top “pages” viewed in the app:

Congress Top 10

  1. Michele Bachman – launched presidential campaign
  2. John Boehner– Speaker of the House, debt ceiling
  3. Freshmen – Most vulnerable in 2012
  4. Kelly Ayotte – freshman senator active on BBA
  5. Mitch McConnell – Senate Minority Leader, debt ceiling
  6. Nancy Pelosi –  House Democratic Leader, debt ceiling
  7. Open Seat – Special Election in California-36
  8. Eric Cantor – House Majority Leader, debt ceiling
  9. Sandy Adams – Represents Kennedy Space Center’s district
  10. Diane Feinstein – Bad poll, talk of Maria Shriver as replacement
Let’s contrast this to our professional users, those who buy CongressPro for the ability to get updates over the air, have separate tabs for committees, and take notes (also added in this round to Congress+).  They are looking more at the inside-baseball aspects of redistricting as well as those under-the-radar members who are attempting to move the debt limit ceiling debate.

CongressPro Top 10

  1. Notes – People are using the ability to take notes
  2. Bookmarks – They’re checking their bookmark lists
  3. Lamar Alexander – Pushing for a debt limit deal
  4. John Barrasso – Pushing for a debt limit deal
  5. Freshmen – See above.
  6. Brian Bilbray – California redistricting makes him a target
  7. Chris Coons – Pushing save-as-you-go legislation
  8. Diane Feinstein – See above
  9. John Campbell – See Bilbray.
  10. Jeff Bingaman – Came out against ethanol subsidy

Going forward we are going to add the ability to track Congress+ “pages” as well and roll-up a CIYP/Top 10 that we’ll report out often.  Look for it here and also on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.