Angry Birds Then … Congress+ (?!?!?!?!?)


Top 10 Apps of 2010

Today we got some great news.  Kim Komando, who hosts America’s largest weekend talk radio show, has chosen Congress+ as her App of the Day for December, 23, 2010.  Even more interesting to us, however, was that somehow we missed her Top 10 Apps for 2010.  We clocked in at #3 behind Angry Birds at #2 and NexTag in the top spot.  Both are outstanding in their own way.

Since we’re located in Washington, DC, we do not get her show over the air.  But, a little digging into her site, you can subscribe to her broadcast.  With over a half a million listeners, we’re looking forward to hearing what we’ve obviously missed.



4 Responses to “Angry Birds Then … Congress+ (?!?!?!?!?)”

  1. Christine Says:

    I’m having trouble finding committee information foe members. Is this listed anywhere on the app where it is easy to find?

    • ciyp Says:

      Thanks for posting your question here. Let’s see if we can help. If you have Congress+ ($4.99) or CongressPro ($29.99) each member’s committees are accessed by tapping on the Committees link. When you do that, you get a list of their assignments. If you have the Pro version, you can go to the More section and you’ll see two choices that will list House and Senate committees. Tap on either one of those and you’ll get the whole list.

  2. Greg Uhrlen Says:

    Hello, we have a link to an article Nik Mebane contributed to our website called “Doctors, Politicians and iPads?” which mentions the Congress in Your Pocket app.

  3. ciyp Says:

    Thanks, Greg! We’re glad we’re able to help.

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