We’re on Facebook


Yes, we too have joined the world’s largest social network. It wasn’t out of peer pressure or a move to be cool or hip. Let’s face it, your grandma is on it, how cutting-edge can it be? Still, there was a gap. We have this blog for long-form communication and the Twitter feed for short bursts of info and insight. But there was this room in the middle for something that could be a place where users could chat and where we could listen.

Ergo, Facebook. Please “like” us here.

No, this will not be a place where we spam you.  This Facebook page, like our other feeds, will be strictly informational.  For example, we’ve put together a discussion section where there are now two topics (you can add yours too).

  1. When will my app be updated?  That’s what most folks are wondering about and so this will be the best place to check to see the ETA for your updates is currently in the hopper.
  2. New features.  We want to hear from you about what features we’re lacking and which ones need more niftiness or a bug fixed.

We’re also going to post interesting links that are related to Congress, the Administration, and the state legislatures.  For example, today’s feed includes a Washington Post link to a great story on redistricting.  We also posted a link to the Politico story about our app being on the first iPad on the podium in the U.S. House of Representatives.  If you read today’s page, you’d also know that we submitted the last update of the 111th Congress to Apple for review.

So, please check out the Facebook page and click on the “Like” button so you can stay connected with us.  Thanks again for working with us and happy holidays to you and your family.



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