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Campaign 2010 Open Seats

January 4, 2010

Open Seats

Now that it’s officially an election year, we have decided to add a feature to Congress in Your Pocket that will help you follow the most competitive races for Congress. To see the open seats, and the reasons why they’re open (retirements, running for other offices), please tap on the Search button. Remember, you can search for anything in the application’s database. In this case, please type in “open seat in 2010”. This will pull up the list which you can sort by name or state.

For now, CongressPro users can do this since we have modified the database. Congress and Congress+ users will have this “feature” when we submit an update to Apple soon. We are thinking of adding this feature to the “More” section in a future update as a separate tab just in case you’d like to have it there on your toolbar. Let us know what you think.