A New Look


When we launched Congress in Your Pocket we felt that it would be an extension of our core business, which is gathering and providing information to our clients in an interesting and compelling way.  So we went with our main website’s look and feel.  Over a year later, it looks miscast so we have redesigned the site to look more independent, streamlined, and user-friendly.  We also relaunched our blog with WordPress with more of a focus on the applications themselves and not other parts of our business. We hope you like it.



2 Responses to “A New Look”

  1. John Bowman Says:

    Are you planning an iPad update? If so, how soon?

  2. ciyp Says:


    Thanks for your comment. We are busily working on the iPad version as I’m writing this. The trick is to maximize the space and add value instead of just making things look “unfuzzy” like they do 2x on an iPad now.

    We’ll post an update soon on the blog to give you more sense of where we are. I have to say, it’s really neat having it on an iPad. Our team has two that we are working with and it’s a lot of fun.

    One thing we’ve noticed is that the weblinks to other sources are so much more enjoyable on the iPad than on the iPhone (go figure). We’ve also noted that you can get a much cleaner view with less scrolling of all of the information we have.

    Finally, here’s a quick note on updates (you didn’t ask but since I’m here, why not, right?). Our 2Q updates are going well. If you have CongressPro, you’ll be seeing a lot of number bubbles with updates. Our team got through the Senate yesterday and are busily working on the House.

    For Congress and Congress+ users, they’ll have to wait for a major update coming soon (Notes feature, more on that later) to get the data update. As you know, we promise only one update in January to those users but we always over-deliver.

    Thanks for your support!

    Michael D. Cohen, Ph.D.
    Congress in Your Pocket

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