The Value of App Store Reviews


If there is one thing we struggle with constantly it is trying to find ways to get the word out about our applications. We work really hard on them everyday and want to make sure folks know they have a better choice than an out-of-date paper directory.

So we do our very best. We’ve received rave reviews from websites that do such things. Each app has a survey that provides feedback to our development team. We try to answer every email that same day. And yes, we Twitter.

The one piece that is most compelling to many users, including us, is the App Store reviews. Those are great, especially if there are a lot of them, because they give you a sense of what the issues are and why people like the application. It’s also pretty obvious which apps are the best in their categories based on these reviews.

In “Winning iPhone Strategies” by Kisky Netmedia, they put it very nicely:

… “while there are plenty of app review sites online, the majority of consumers still discover new apps in the App Store itself – so reviews and ratings here are vital.”

We agree. Please, we encourage you to rate our applications honestly in the App Store. If you like it, remember to rate it. If we fail to meet what you have expected of us, please contact us first. If we cannot resolve the issue or if you feel strongly, post the review in the App Store.

The value of app store reviews is extremely high to us and to your fellow users. We do our best to provide something that is useful to you but you hold the keys to the success or failure of our applications. Please use that power wisely.



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